My Magical Emporium

                         ~Knowledge is the Currency of the Universe~

Melanie Champagne
My name is Melanie Champagne:
    I have a wonderful family of 5. My husband Michael and I have been together for 26 yrs. We share 3 wonderful children. Shawn who is the oldest at 27, our little guy Kasey 22 and our Little Princess Mealie who is 10 years old. Out of all I have achieved in my life so far, my family is what I am most proud of. They are all so beautiful and perfect in every way. They are my sunshine my every breath and the highlight of my every living moment! 
    My interest of healing began when I took my first Reiki class, at just 25 years old, I have been a practitioner of Usui Reiki ever since. I now hold  2 other healing certificates along with Reiki. One as a Quantum Touch healer and teacher. The other is as a Blue Star Celestial Energy Healer, achieving this just 11 years ago. I have also been ordained as a Universal Minister.
I acquired my certificate in Aromatherapy early in 2000! I love oils and creating new scents that bring me to different times, places and lands.  I am an Herbalist and am proud to say I graduated first in my class ... I can?t tell you how much I love making medicines, tinctures, potions and notions! Im not sure how I would survive with out my herbs as growing up my mom always had an herb garden for me to play in!
    I Have always been involved with the Craft ever since i was little. I can remember being pregnant with Shawn (28 yrs ago) and rereading the book, Good Magic. It was then my mind , body and soul connected and i knew this was my true path. After studying and practicing solitary for a few years I decided that Witchcraft was my religion and if I was to be true to myself I would incorporate it as part of my everyday living. In 1999 I with a few other people started The Coven of the Midnight Spirits. I am honored and fortunate enough to have become one of the High Priestess of that Coven and still hold true to my Coven and faith to this day.     
    My interest in gems, minerals and fossils is a life long passion and I continuously learn new stones and such on a daily basis. I follow the beat of my own drum and wouldn't change a thing about myself. As my interest and curiosity constantly need fulfilling my next task to be explored will be to rediscover My divine Light within Atlantis Healing!                        
                                      Always Enchanted,
                                             *Melanie Champagne*