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Love Attraction Spell Bottle

Love Spell Bottle

This rite is designed to attract a nonspecific person into your life. It cannot be
used to attract a specific person.(Remember to attract love, you must first love

Items needed:
1 small piece paper
dried Patchouli
dried lavender flowers
1 rose quartz stones

1 rough clear quartz stone
1 small button
1 candle

Blessing oil
1 candle holder

1 spiral

On the night of the Full Moon,

Visualize. On the heart-shaped piece of paper,

draw the magical symbol or love.
Empower the Patchouli with love. Place it in the spell bottle

In vision the spiral swirling into your body.  Place it in the bottle.

Empower the Lavender flowers with love and add them to the spell bottle.
Charge the rose and clear quartz stones with love and add them to the bottle.
Place the button between the palm of your hands and hold it over the spell
bottle, raise the bottle to the north and say these words:

By the power of the earth.....

Face east and say:

By the power of the air.....

Face south and say:

By the power of fire.....

Face west and say:

By the power of water.....

Return to the north and say:

Symbol of love,
Send me love.

Symbol of love,
Send me love.

Symbol of love,
Send me love.


Gentle place the button into the bottle
Charge the candle with love. Place in its holder. Close the spell bottle's lid.
(Anoint your candle with your blessing oil)

Light the candle and let it burn for 13 minutes before your spell bottle,

 Then quench its flames. Close the bottle again.

Leave spell bottle undisturbed for 24 hours. On the second night, open the bottle,
burn the candle for 13 minutes once again, then quench the candle

and  close the bottle.

On the third night, light the candle but don't open the bottle.

Say these words or similar words:

Petals, lavender, quartz, spiral and button
the blessings of love you now bring.
Send your power speeding away; with harm towards none,
this is my will; this is the way.

Open your spell bottle and sense its energies spiraling into the shy to bring
your love into manifestation.
Let the candle burn for 13 minutes, and then quench its flame. Close the spell bottle.
Open the love spell bottle and burn the candle for 13 minutes each night.
Close the spell bottle when not in use.
When the candle is gone, bury the contents of the spell bottle,

but retrieve the button and keep in a safe place.

It is done.