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understanding the Chakra System

~The Chakra System~

The chakra system in the physical body makes up the auric field, or auric egg that surrounds us. The aura is made up of a group of electromagnetic fields of energy that are emitted from the chakras. This energy field surrounding the body is our life force. Some believe this energy to be our Chi. There are seven main energy centers within the auric field. Each of these wheels is connected to a different plane, or dimensional awareness that exists within everyone. Some of these fields of energy are more active than others; depending on the areas of life most stressed at a given time. 

Chakra number 1 located at the base of the spine or coccyx. When doing chakra exercises, to feel the energy of this chakra, focus on the coccyx area. This base chakra is connected to the etheric body and affects everything to do with the physical body and its energy. This chakra receives energy through its connection to the earth, and supplies the body with pure physical energy. The color associated with this chakra is red, the color of blood. 

 Chakra number 2 the spleen or sacral chakra, located along the spinal column where the spleen is, just below the navel. The color associated with this chakra is orange. The spleen center's body in the energy field is the emotional body. This is a very powerful and active center, because so much of what we do and understand is affected by our emotions. When we get stuck emotionally at a certain age or stage, our memories are stored within the emotional body and sacral chakra.

 Chakra number 3 the solar plexus chakra, located along the spinal column approximately one inch above the navel. The color associated with this chakra is yellow. Within the solar plexus, we experience anxiety and fear. Panic attacks or being gripped by fear, affect all three lower chakras but usually manifest through the solar plexus. Many people who live a fear-based life often experience stomach problems because the solar plexus chakra shuts down due to an overload of fear and anxiety. This chakra relates to the mental body.

Chakra number 4 the heart chakra, located on the spinal column directly behind the heart. This chakra is connected to the astral body. The color associated with this chakra is green.  Unconditional love resides in the heart chakra. The lower chakras contain conditional experiences and conditional love. Most people have closed their heart chakra due to the pain and priority of survival. Ultimately, the fourth chakra, the heart, helps you to remember what it is like to be truly loved. The heart center pulls your lower centers into a close relationship with unconditional love, allowing you to explore that consciousness. This process aids you in discovering the higher purpose of each lower center. The chakra centers and the subtle energy bodies do not function separately, they work together to help us evolve and grow.

 Chakra number 5 the throat chakra, located just behind the throat on the spinal column. The color associated with this chakra is blue. This chakra is connected to the "causal" body, which is the energy body of consciousness that dwells within the realm of "cause and effect." When you have activated and learned to utilize this subtle body, you are in contact with the natural laws that govern you. This availability allows us to change our life through manifestation.

 Chakra number 6 the brow or third eye chakra, located between your two physical eyes and slightly above. The color associated with this chakra is violet. The brow chakra is connected to your celestial energy body. This chakra is the center of clairvoyance. It opens inward; this occurs when the other centers are aligned and the subconscious and conscious parts of your brain are in balance. When your third-eye chakra is operational, you are able to tap and explore Divine Truth. 

            Chakra number 7 the crown chakra, located in the body at the top of your head where your soft spot was. The color associated with this chakra is Violet. This chakra is connected to the ketheric body. The crown chakra is the God-Self center and the center of pure divine enlightenment. This center is your connection to the spirit essence you are. 

At every placement of these divine chakra centers, there also is a major gland involved with the physical body. The proper operation of this glandular infrastructure affects your physical well being in every way. Tapping into the awareness available through our energy centers is necessary if we are to lead healthy and happy lives.