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Fall Earth Association


Color:  Blue

Direction: West (setting sun)

Time: Dusk

Magical tool: Cup, Cauldron, Mirror

Natural symbol: Shell, Water

Power: To Will

Season: Autumn

Sense: Taste

Point in life: Motherhood

Watch tower guardian: Gabriel

Elemental: Undines

Music: Bell, Cymbals          

Type of energy: Receptive

Stones: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Tourmaline  

Metals: Mercury, Silver

Creatures: Cat, Frog, Turtle, Dolphin, Whale, Otter, Seal, Fish, Shellfish

Guides: Goddess             

Type of magic ruled: Sea, Ice, Snow, Fog

Basic nature:  Love, Emotions, Friendship, Dreams, Peace, Healing

Ritual:  Delusion, Washing away, Bathing, Psychic awareness,

Places:  Lakes, Springs, Streams, Rivers, Beaches, Pools, Oceans

Astrological sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water: Cleansing & healing, gives us freshness. Without any Feelings the soul would not be a soul at all. Water is Love and love is the underlying reason for all magic.


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