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 Welcome to Garden of Shadows pendants               By: Maelie Champagne

The idea for the Garden of Shadows Pendants came to mind as a way to help my 8 year old daughter Maelie in her Herbal training. 

Garden: Because Maelie has hand picked most of the flowers and herbs that are displayed within these one of a kind creations from our garden, hiking trips, friends gardens, gifted bouquets and picnics by the lake. 

Shadows: Because these look like shadow boxes displaying all the things that make you feel happy.

Pendants: Because you can wear them for your personal happiness and making others smile as well.

Maelie also has hand picked all the stones that are featured within these two sided shadow pendants from our annual stone show trip in Springfield. 90% of these beauties are Maelies creation. Maelie first starts by choosing the pendant style and size. Then She chose all the herbs, stones and whatever else she decides goes well together. My job is to make it all fit together in there new space! 

*Garden Of Shadows Pendants make a wonderful one of a kind keepsake and unique gifts*

To see more unique creations refer to the picture section.