My Magical Emporium

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Maelie's Miracle Cream:

 This Cream was created to smooth out scars (old and new) it breaks down underline scar tissue and diminishes the redness (making them less angry and more pliable)!...But don't disregard this if you have NO scars, it also works Miracles on ANY skin issues! Maelie's Cream is extremely beneficial to eczema and psoriasis.  If you are having a problem with acne you may want to work Maelie's cream into your daily beauty routine to rid you from them pimples and scaring that goes along with it! The Shingles: you HAVE to have Maelie cream on hand for that nasty virus...this will take the pain down a few notches and help stop it from spreading and again help with the scaring that may occur! also use on mosquito bites, rashes, dryness, and on cuts and bruises. (use on Radiation burns after treatment is complete as it contains SILVER)!

Scratch ~N~ Sniff:

Brown Sugar Scrub for the entire body including your face. If you would like to feel like you have just left the spa then you have got to try my Scratch~N~Sniff scrub. Great for eczema, psoriasis, dry patches or just for polishing up the will feel brand new after this body nourishing treatment!

Ake Break:

This Headache oil is a MUST have for headache and migraine sufferers! If you have PMS Pains you NEED this oil. works great for muscle aches and joint pain as well! Do you get Motion sickness? Give the Ake Break a whirl, also great for sinus congestion and wonderful as a sleep aid!

Blister Buster:

Use on canker sores inside or outside the mouth. This unique blend of oils not only kill the bacteria but also protect the skin from breaking down and promotes healing in record time!

Mud Bud:

Mud Bud facial/body mask is ideal for those stubborn blemishes! It will draw out all the oils and clean the pores! Try on poison oak and ivy and great to remove bee stingers!

Calming Facial Mist:

This product is sooooooo much more than a facial mist, it was created as a meditation spray and soon found its way into the purses of people with anxiety (for some replacing there medication)! It works as a first aid spray as well, and once you try it as a facial toner you will never use anything else again! Lets not forget those people who have found it extremely beneficial for radiation burns (after treatment is complete as it contains SILVER)!

Natural Bahhh D:

 A Goats Milk cleansing bar like no other, i like to think of it as a medical grade soothing bar. Used on the face and bod for extra moisturizing and clearing of any skin impurities. The granulate side is perfect for the bottom of the feet or any other rough areas on the body!

Golden Child:

A fabulous Cleansing bar for dry, itchy, irradiated skin. If you are one of those people who have problematic skin, Golden Child is perfect to help you combat those problems! It's great for the face and body. (Again i like to think of this as a Medical grade Cleansing bar) has so many calming ingredients like Colloidal oatmeal, lavender, Shae butter, golden seal, helichrysum, and seaweed just to name a few! gentle enough for children as well! 


Have you been searching for a healthy way to flavor your water while detoxing your body and boosting your immune system? Well this is the product for you.... drip 3 drops of this oil into 16oz of water cold or hot (2 x daily). If you feel a cold coming on boost up the drops from 3 to 5 for a couple of days or try in warm water with honey for a sore throat. Ideal to keep with you and drip it into your ice water while at a restaurant. (you just saved money on a drink)!

Bug Off Creep:

No School age child should be w/o this all natural HEAD LICE PROTECTION. (smells like cherries)! Use everyday as a de~tangler on wet or dry hair! This product is so good and nourishing for your hair don't be surprised if you are at the hairdresser more often for a cut! Also Use on your animals as a flea and tick repellent!


Res~Q~Me can be used for dozens of problems. It is primarily a parasite killing tincture but it can also be used externally on sores and injuries, for sterilizing food, as a natural remedy for the common cold and flu, lung infections it treats diarrhea and cleansing the bowels, intestinal infections, PMS, Psoriasis and Eczema. It is a very effective as a natural antibiotic and helps a ton with food poisoning! It treats Flukes, hookworms, pin-worms, thread-worms, tapeworms, round worms etc. and as a treatment for Canadians. Res~Q~Me is not only able to suppress infections caused by parasitic bacteria, but also those caused by viruses, parasitic fungi (yeasts), and generally all types of pathogens. Im treating my Mom and Brother for Lyme disease! Im not promising anything with the Lyme but they are parasite and leave a ton of nastiness in the body‚Ķ so here is to trying something new!  

Mosquite Retreat:

 An All Natural BUG repellent you WILL WANT to put on and its also very soothing and healing for the skin as well! Not just for humans but also use on your pets to deflect fleas and ticks! Try it arround the house Also!

Lip Trip & Crack Smack:

Uggg those nasty lips that just wont here is a solution to your lip problem. Im quite sure once you try these you wont ever want to be w/o them. These have been configured just that they will protect, heal and not clog the small pores around the lips. Some Chap-sticks have so much wax and petroleum in them that they clog the pores and do not allow the oxygen to penetrate through. NOT these 2. The only difference between the 2 is that lip trip has cortisone cream in it to help with swollen lips (great for mouth breathers)!

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