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Maelie's Story~

My Daughter Maelie was burned with hot tea at a Chinese restaurant at the age of 10 month. In the emergency room she was assessed with a diagnosis of 35% of her body burned, 25% of that being of 2nd and 3rd degree burns that would require skin grafts. Maelie was sent to the PICU. Maelie would spend the next 21 days undergoing daily dressing changes and various medications. She was surround with as much positive thoughts and loving energy as possible with the help of, ?Emotional Healing & Pain Management? cd?s that played constantly in her room. Maelie had multiple metaphysical healers visiting her on a daily basis giving her Reiki and Quantum Touch energy, her room was surrounded with crystals and I would sneak in as many tuning fork treatments as possible to reactivate her DNA. I thought the nurses and Dr.?s would be completely baffled with all this ?mumbo jumbo? going on in her room, but truth is they were completely intrigued. They loved being in her room and wanted to learn more! Their were Healing circles that would stretch from one end of the world to the other as friends heard about her accident. Maelie was truly surrounded by white light. As Maelie's skin grafts began to heal and take on a form of their own I knew there had to be more I could do to speed up the process. I had remembered going to a healers convention and seeing the Amethyst Bio Mat, so 3 months into Maelies Healing process I sought out a mat for her. I had begun noticing a difference in her scars within weeks of her Daily treatments, her scars seemed less red and aerated and she seemed much calmer with me massaging her skin graft scars with the Cream i had created for her (Maelie's Miracle Cream). Maelie had Dr. Appointments biweekly at this point and all her Dr. could say was, ?what are you doing with her, she is healing so quickly and beautifully?. I can?t tell you if she looks so wonderful today do to her mat, and/or all the prayers and healing she gets or if it is due to the wonderful Cream I have created for her. I am certain of one thing she is beautiful inside and out and I am truly blessed to have her as part of my life! Maelie has been healing so well that the Dr.?s invited Maelie and I to be guest speakers at their burn convention and tell Maelie?s story! Here we are 9 years out from her accident and she is doing fabulously, at this point she should have required 8-10 additional surgeries however she has only undergone 3...!