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Magical Spiral

Because of its connection with mother goddesses, the spiral is a very feminine symbol, representing not only women but also a variety of things traditionally associated with women.

Besides lifecycles, fertility and childbirth, the spiral can reference intuition and other more internal concepts associated with women.


Spiral of the Cosmos

Even ancient people could recognize that the stars overhead spun around a central point every night, and today we know we reside within a spiral galaxy. Thus, the spiral can be a symbol of the universe and our place within it and of the great cycles that constantly advance within this universe.

Certain spirals such as those reflecting the golden ratio (1: 1.618) or thFibonacci sequence reflect certain mathematical truths. As such, some find those spirals to have particular value and meaning.



Symbol of Change

Life cycles and cycles of the natural world create change. The old dies away so the new can come forth. Each of us progresses from child to adult to old age. As such, the spiral is not a symbol of stagnation but rather of change, progression, and development. It embraces these things as good and healthy and helps one to accept change even though we often are more comfortable retreating into tradition and old, standard ways.

Spirals are sometimes seen as watery symbols. Water is mutable, always changing and not having permanence. It also ripples in circles. Finally, water is a feminine element along with earth. (In comparison, fire and air are masculine elements.)


Symbol of Quintessence

Western system of five elements is composed of earth, water, air, fire and quintessence. Quintessence literally means "fifth element." Some people refer to this element as spirit. There is no standard symbol for spirit. Circles are probably the most commonly used symbol for it, but spirals are also sometimes utilized.

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