My Magical Emporium

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Great for: Anxiety, Relaxation, Stress, Motion Sickness, Acne, Tightening Facial Pores, Congestion, Sleep Aid, Hot Flashes and so much more!

Mystify~Me Oil: Lavender, Helichrysum, Ginger and an amazing assortment of other essential Oils to create an amazingly calming effect! Mist Diffuser: Pink, Gold or White

Simply add 3 AAA ENERGIZER batteries, next fill the white bottle with water add 3-5 drops of Mystify~Me Oil into the refillable white bottle along with your water, next open the compartment tank on the unit and fill to the top plug the whole back up. Flip the unit on and…… AHHHHHH…... you will have 30 seconds of misting magical enchantment …! Unit will automatically shut down after that 30 seconds, just restart it again for another 30 seconds the unit tank will only be sufficient for 2 minutes then the tank must be refilled!

*I have 2 other oils that are a great companion to this set*
Ake Break ….. and ….. The Facial Spray!

(About the size of the palm of your hand confidently fits in your purse or pocket)