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Pendant Testimonials

Melanie Champagne my own success stories: Had a major headache and put it on my temple and w/in 10 min gone never to return! next is: shoulder Pain that would not let up put the pendant on it again in 10 min gone......never to return...however im not a person that usually has pain so i don't know if this also worked in my favor? I do love wearing it it gives me a sense of calmness and peace!

Tracey Sheldon Clark I have no bad stories. Good things. I have major sciatic nerve pain. This usually is unbearable by the end of the day. The pendant placed on the area takes away the pain within 15 minutes. I have had numerous shoulder surgeries. Still very sore. I place the pendant on it and its gone. I NEVER sleep. No medication helps at all. The first night I received the pendant I slept from 10:30 pm to 6:40 am. Then fell back asleep at 7:30 am and woke up at 10:00. Every night since then I have gotten at least 6 hours of sleep. My daughter went in for a pretty intense mouth surgery and in her words "I believe the pendant has helped me heal and has made me feel better". Love my pendant. Thank you Mel!!!

Ashley Spavold Nothing bad here..As soon as I put this pendent on its like I just got out of a 3 hour meditation... Orr the best sleep of my life... Also used mine for a head ache I had gone in about 5-10 min. Love it! Thank you my friend

Tracey Sheldon Clark By the way my daughter is 12!! And anyone that knows her knows she is an old soul. These pendants work!!!!

Michelle Besaw-Williams I love mine I have RA, OA and fibromyalgia and the pain I encounter daily is awful. Since I have worn it and placed it on the painful areas the pain decreases tremendously and with my sleeping issues it has helped.

Amy Gudaitis 16 mos ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease... Took 4 years of hell to get that diagnosis... It ate away at my colon,yes, but also my joints....hips, fingers, knees shoulders... Pain followed me with every movement.after diagnosis treatment began... A year of reactions and more pain and inflammation. 16 mos ago I began prednisone... Still on it- for those of you who don't know - as it adds pounds and works to decrease inflammation in some areas... It creates an increase in joint pain- while doing this it eats away at the connective tissue on your tendons.
Three weeks ago at the age of 41 I began using a cane (albeit a cute one) to get around. No fun at all. Hip pain was out of control, as was tendon "fire" pain. So when Melanie Champagne posted these healing pendants I was totally willing to try... I wore my pendant every day- all day... Slept with it on too. Thought we'll it kinda works...
   Today the lava stone fell out so I took my pendant off. It wasn't till this point I realized how much benefit I got from this pendant. Without it on the ache was unbearable. I felt like I was 90... An all to familiar feeling. I couldn't get out of my chair, I moved slower than my 94 year old grandmother.
As a result I totally could see the benefit of the pendant was beyond "kinda" working. I cannot wait till tomorrow to re-glue the lava stone and reap the benefits of wearing this healing pendant.


 Tammy Lamberto Roy Well my overall blood counts have been low since I started chemo. Tey have been 1.0 or .97. I wore my pendant the night before my chemo and blood work and my level was 2.1. Highest it has been in weeks.


Louise M Parks The day I received mine I was getting sick with what I thought could have been the flu, I took a shower & put it on & started feeling better with in a half hr same goes for my husband who got one too..Also I can say I have felt more grounded since putting it on ( a feeling which I am enjoying alot & a few people who know me well have noticed) I am good for migraines on a regular basis & have not had one since.Also for me I've had the issue of interrupted sleep with night sweats since my surgery last yr & that has also decreased which I am very happy about ..A friend of mine who is legally blind & who has chronic eye pain also got one & has said since he put his on his pain has become more manageable to almost none...I'm sure over time there will be more noticeable effects as it works with our bodies & energies but for now we have not taken ours off & to be honest don't plan to for a long while....


Michelle Besaw-Williams Melanie Champagne, I have to tell you, I started with pain in my upper back near the back of my shoulder and this is normal and will usually last 2 or 3 days and irritate the shit out of me. I placed the pendant on the painful sera and I'm not kidding it's gone. Within ten minutes gone. It's on my lower back now and I'm waiting to see how it feels in ten minutes. I however wasn't as lucky with the cold issue. I ended up with the flu and an upper respiratory infection. Ugh.

Pat Hall i was feeling deep shoulder pain since my car accident and was going to start medication pain management so happy to say the pain is gone i just place my pendent on my shoulder 10 minutes its gone,thank you so much Mel

Erin Sarosi-Campopiano Mel as you know I bought my Pendant this afternoon. I've had it on ever since. I could feel a strange change in myself and my personnel space. Now it's been on for about 5hours and I feel GREAT!! From head to toe I feel relief!! From what I don't know...Lol..I just. Feel lighter and cleaner. Lol...I'll keep you posted. Thank You So much for everything you do!!


Denise Lafleur I am sharing this because at first I was skeptical about any of these pendants being of real healing powers. I must admit that over these past few days of wearing it my breathing has been easier, I used to wake up all stuffy and couldn’t breath through my nose, but it has been clear and no stuffiness. I also have a bad knee since I broke it several years ago, the pain has never gone away, well I have been going up and down the stairs without as much pain and problems. Cant say the pain is completely gone but it has helped with the motion going up and down the stairs. Now on to my back and you all must be saying gee is there anything not wrong with her but since my sever car accident in 2005 I have had major back issues and the pain some days was not worth getting out of bed, and the other day I actually picked up some heavy baskets and to my surprise that night and the next day I was in no pain what so ever! I really would like to say thank you to Melanie for doing such great work with all her business and wish her the best this year because as she said this is her year and I believe it to be true as well. Love you Melanie.