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Protection Spell Bottle

Witch's Protection Bottle


Take glass jar fill it with sharp objects

pins, nails, tacks, thorns ect:


Other ingredients you will need:

Triple salt




Rough black crystal


Blessing oil



On the waning moon:


1.      (Bless candle with oil) Light the candle, meditate and focus on your intent: Visualize it clearly and with as many details as possible.

2.      Add any sharp objects carefully in your jar. Add all the other ingredients. With each ingredient, repeat your wish for protection.

3.      Finally, add the lid to your bottle and seal it with the wax from your candle. Focus on your intent one last time.

4.      Say the spell (3 times) Visualizing Protection!


Witch's Bottle herbs and charms

Banish evil, ward off harm

Protect me from all enemies

With harm towards none

This is my will so mote it be.


5.      Keep the jar in a safe place and don’t hesitate to pull it out every time you feel you need more protection.


The witch’s bottle protects its owner from harm and makes a great house warming gift.